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Saturday, June 3, 2017

To Der Spiegel staff: President Trump on June 1 merely corrected a misunderstanding. He informed Americans and the world that no president can unilaterally commit this nation to far-reaching international agreements

"President Trump on Thursday did nothing to shift the course of US environmental policy--not even on carbon emissions. But he did put the world on notice that no president can unilaterally commit this nation to such far-reaching agreements." 6/1/17, NY Post Editorial Board 

Der Spiegel commentary expressing anger about the US being unable to join the Paris climate accord:

6/2/17, "Paris Disagreement Donald Trump's Triumph of Stupidity," Der Spiegel Staff

"German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other G-7 leaders did all they could to convince Trump to remain part of the Paris Agreement. But he didn't listen. Instead, he evoked deep-seated nationalism and plunged the West into a conflict deeper than any since World War II." By SPIEGEL Staff

"By Christian Esch, Konstantin von Hammerstein, Julia Amalia Heyer, Christiane Hoffmann, Horand Knaup, Peter Müller, Ralf Neukirch, René Pfister, Christoph Scheuermann, Christoph Schult, Samiha Shafy and Gerald Traufetter"


Comment: Trump was there because nearly 63 million Americans desperate to save our country voted for him and made him president. As you know, one of his key campaign promises was to remove the US from the Paris climate accord. It was very disappointing to me that after being elected, Trump appeared to become undecided on the matter. There isn't the slightest gray area on either the imaginary CO2 danger industry or the need to remain in an international treaty because one person signed it. To me it's sickening that Trump was even in a room debating this issue with anyone. There's nothing to debate. (I've studied this issue for 10 years). In any case, all Trump really did on June 1 was show that no president can unilaterally commit this nation to far-reaching international agreements. Would you deny us this?

Apparently you thought chances were excellent that he'd sell out his voters. Otherwise, you wouldn't be so angry. Impressions you have today about the US likely derive from decades of misinformation from inept US politicians who didn't give a damn about Americans. We were told these were "leaders." They were anything but. For a very long time US politicians have sold this country out to the bare walls and treated US voters like dirt. The two political parties here, the Republicans and Democrats, are deeply corrupt, have exactly the same agenda, despise voters, consider their constituents to be everyone in the world except US voters--great for you, but not for us, and devote themselves to preventing us from getting the candidates we need. We voted for change and nothing ever changed. Elections became meaningless:

11/12/2016: "There are few--very few--opportunities for elected officials to challenge the status quo-especially when Western centrist parties have patently conspired to offer voters mere nuanced variants of the same "progressive," liberal, globalized agenda.

In short, there evidently has been a constituency building up, so exasperated at the imperviousness of the elites to the true situation of this constituency, that they want the status quo gone, by whomsoever’s hand is there. Whomsoever: that is the point. It was never some sort of chief executive beauty contest: Would Bernie Sanders have been an ideal President? Would Nigel Farage have been one? Will Trump be able to deliver a new era? — we do not know (but should not foreclose on that possibility). The Whomsoever aspect rather speaks to the depth of alienation that lay latent in American society.

But the message that is in danger of being obscured by the outsize focus on the outsize personality of Mr. Trump is precisely that the “discontents” at democracy, at cultural “identity” politics, at globalization and its sufferings, will not simply disappear now.  Mr. Trump will succeed or fail, but the uprising will persist in one form or another – and is likely to spread to other parts of Europe, leaving the latter in turmoil and politically incapacitated."...11/12/2016, "Trump’s Win—A Rebuke to the Elites," Consortium News, Alastair Crooke 

In effect, the country has been overthrown and we've become slaves. In 2016, we had two choices: accept our slavery or vote for Donald Trump. It was necessary that he win, but Trump isn't the end of the road for us. Those who converted us to slavery are going nowhere.  

Trump has always said he wants friendly relations with all countries, wants to be able to help whenever we can. There's no suggestion of withdrawing from the world. As he's said, every country considers its own citizens first, and America must be able to do that as well. Extreme reactions about the US or Trump's recent actions show that something has been way out of balance for a long time. Unnecessary dependencies on the US by foreign countries have been encouraged by the US political class for over a century. This can't continue. US taxpayers can no longer bear the burden of being responsible for the whole world, nor should anyone. Susan


"Indeed, the U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 was promoted...precisely in furtherance of the notion that...“national culture” would become meaningless as a result of immigrant cultural dilution."...11/12/2016, "Trump’s Win—A Rebuke to the Elites," Consortium News, Alastair Crooke

Targeting a culture for extinction is Lemkin's definition of genocide. 

Is it OK with you if we don't want to participate in our own genocide? 



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